Sunday, March 11, 2007


It's been quite a journey in the last few months. I queried my novel to Richard Abate (ICM) last September and November he responded by telling me that he like the novel a great deal but he thought there should be some changes made. Between teaching and going to grad school, I made the changes and while I was wrapping them up, I began to query other agents. I told them what Abate had said about the novel. One agent, in Baltimore, without reading the entire query, inferred from the first sentence that I had suggested Abate suggested I seek her. That just wasn't true. Further more, she accussed me of being a liar. I was certain I had lost the possibility of having Abate represent the novel, so I went on querying. In the meantime Abate lefte ICM for Endeavor and is now being sued by ICM for breaking his contract. Justice? He never once asked me what my side of the story was. In the past three weeks, I've had about ten agents read either part or all of the novel. Some have turned it down, (one likened my writing to Richard Ford, and, I think, with further changes would re-read) but Steve Schwartz at Sarah Jane Freymann Agency has made an offer. I'm delighted, of course, but before I sign, Harvey Klinger has asked for the rest of the manuscript after reading fifty pages and Jill Grinberg has the novel as well. Steve Schwartz sounds confident and the Freymann Agency is very reputable, but they don't sell much fiction. I guess I have to wait a few days more. Harvey Klinger agency sells about ten books a month and a lot of them are fiction. I guess I'm going to wait and see what he says. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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